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Olympic Research Inc.:

A Brand Story About Innovation

Olympic Research Inc logo by Laurel Black DesignOlympic Research, Inc. (ORI) is a professional services company that provides innovative solutions to energy and environmental challenges, principally to clients such as the US Department of Energy and large oil and services corporations. ORI required a brand identity that would position ORI’s value and quality against larger competing companies who could be perceived as having more resources and expertise by virtue of their size.

Olympic Research, Inc. business card by Laurel Black DesignORI’s target audience consists of state and federal departments of energy, oil corporations, services corporations, and any company or agency that deals with environmental and energy issues.

Competitive positioning for ORI focused on its unique blend of in-house expertise, its creative approaches to problem-solving, and the advantages that come with hiring a smaller firm that is more nimble and responsive. ORI’s key staff has a broad range of capabilities, with many years of experience and a combined expertise proportionally far in excess of staff size.

Olympic Research, Inc website design by Laurel Black DesignKey positioning concepts include experience, expertise, professionalism, credibility and responsiveness. The differentiation provided by ORI’s innovative approaches and unique array of expertise, and the advantages derived from the direct interactions that are possible with smaller firms, made for a strong competitive edge.

“Laurel’s process for brand image development is methodical and effective” says Bill Lowry, CEO of Olympic Research. “She worked with us through several stages of prototypes, listened to our feedback, and in the end the selected logo design was
both her and our top choice, an ideal combination. This process and quality flowed over to our website design. We are very pleased with the results.”

The ORI logo was recognized as a winner in the 2017 American Graphic Design Awards.

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