Laurel Black Design Work Samples

Convey the value of your work by connecting visually and verbally.

Connection is established through communications that speak directly to the concerns of your audience and touch them directly.

Your story needs to be expressed in ways that resonate with the audience you want to serve. The most powerful marketing and communications combine words and images in ways that connect with those whom you want to serve.

My work examples will show you the possibilities:

Position papers, web content, public outreach and publications.

Branding case studies, logos, print and digital work, websites and illustration.

Collaboration makes all the difference.

I provide useful and pragmatic communication, not only between you and your clients, but between my clients (you) and me.
Over time, I’ve learned that passion and practicality are not mutually exclusive — instead, they reinforce each other. Right brain, meet left brain.


Let’s explore what you and I can accomplish together.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to new clients.

Contact me and let’s talk!

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