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Your mission is at the core of all you do.

Communications are the make-it-or-break-it factor that spells the difference between connections and missing the mark.

Getting your value across to your audience is absolutely vital. Our era has seen many new platforms for telling our stories, and the competition for attention has grown as well.

You know that you have some of the best stories in your field.
Let’s make sure everyone else know it, too.

I have deep experience in making those vital connections between my clients and their audience. Take a look at my work and read what clients have said about how I’ve helped them, either through creating original content or through skillful editing.



Know Your Port: Barging
Why There is a Log yard on the Waterfront
Waterfront Log Yard

Port of Port Angeles Know Your Port Papers

The Port of Port Angeles has used position papers to make its policies, operations and Port issues available to its constituents, stakeholders and partner agencies. These have been distributed through print and online media and in conjunction with public presentations.

Port Angeles School Bond Levy InformationSchool Levy: Vote Yes!

Port Angeles Citizens for Education used this informational handout to explain the benefits to the whole community of supporting the 2020 bond levy. It passed comfortably.

"Laurel has a talent for speaking to people where they are, and for messaging and graphic design that is all about the right connection and tone. In communication and design, there is always the temptation to be most interested in one's own creative ideas. Instead, Laurel approaches a client's need from the perspective of what is most realistic and effective and builds the creative and messaging processes from there. It's the right way to do it."
— Steve Methner, Chair, Port Angeles Citizens for Education


JMurray Forestry LLC  ExplainerJMurray Spruce Explainer

JMurray Forestry is a consulting forestry firm with decades of field experience. The principal, Joseph Murray, developed a unique method for planting seedlings that protects them from wildlife browse. This explainer was adapted from a longer version that was published in the Society of American Foresters Journal.


Clallam County Commissioner Campaign HandoutRandy Johnson for County Commissioner

Randy Johnson has served two terms as District 2 Clallam County Commissioner. His successful campaigns used this handout, updated for his second run, at public forums and while doorbelling to define his positions on various county issues and challenges.

"When I established my forestry consulting practice, it was vital to have a top-notch web site from the outset. Laurel created a site that has proven very effective. It has been a great source of new business."
— Joseph Murray,
JMurray Forestry LLC

Clallam County COVID Communications Outreach Program

At the onset of the corona virus pandemic, the Clallam County Board of Commissioners determined that an ongoing public outreach campaign would be crucial for keeping the county's residents informed about COVID issues, challenges and best practices. LBCD was contracted to create the campaign with bi-monthly updates to encourage safety steps, vaccinations and other ways for the public to help and stay informed. Components include digital, print, radio and transit media.

Clallam Bay/Sekiu

Port of Port Angeles

Highway 112 Scenic Byway

"LBCD created a brochure for the Strait of Juan de Fuca Hwy 112 National Scenic Byway that involves the traveler visiting the byway. It highlights the byway’s scenic qualities, natural beauty and recreational opportunities, and includes a user-friendly map. This brochure, also available on our website, is an important part of our marketing and educational endeavors.”
— Sandra Balch,
Board Director Strait of Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Council


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