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Manage public perceptions and market your community with great communications tools.

These days, most agencies know that public perceptions are a top priority. Citizens demand accountability, transparency and participation at ever higher levels. This places a major burden on staffs as budgets are cut to the bone. Well-crafted communications can reduce the effects of negative public sentiment and head off misperceptions.

Attracting new business is crucial to municipalities, ports, public utility districts and other agencies. They all need to sustain their community’s well-being and their tax base. Local governments that market well are simply more successful in attracting businesses that will help their communities grow and thrive.

We’ve helped many public agencies with internal and external communications. We want to work for governments and agencies that know that when their communities do well, everybody wins.

Choose LocalAs a City-driven business development program, we started the ‘Choose Local P.A.’ initiative with eight volunteers. With Laurel’s experience and help, we developed the strategy and goals which evolved into the successful city-wide promotional campaign we have today. Having worked as a senior manager at several Fortune 500 corporations, I’ve personally worked with many design firms. I feel privileged to be working with Laurel and this town is very fortunate to have her here.”
— Mike Edwards, Chair, Choose Local PA, City of Port Angeles

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