The Laurel Black Design Process

True creativity solves problems using the right tools.

Understanding which tools you need is essential to marketing and communicating effectively. We’ll accomplish that together by defining your project needs, which are driven by your business goals.

Why We Start with “Why.”

Marketing tools are the “Whats” that you’ll use to promote your organization. Your goals are the “Whys” that determine which marketing tools will best achieve your aims. I’ve created worksheets for different projects that describe the process, ask the right questions and define our way forward.

Collaboration makes all the difference.

I provide useful and pragmatic communication, not only between you and your clients, but between our clients (you) and me. Over time, I’ve learned that passion and practicality are not mutually exclusive — rather, they reinforce each other. Right brain, meet left brain.

The most expensive
marketing tools are the ones that don’t work.

Most organizations don’t need a large, overhead-heavy agency to achieve quality outcomes. (Read why here.) All organizations do need focus, follow-through and value. Whether your goals are simple or complex, I’ll create marketing tools that support your goals and help you succeed.

Use the worksheets below to get the ball rolling.

The worksheets help us get clear about desired outcomes. With the answers as our guide, we’ll work together to create the best means to get results. Complete the worksheets that are relevant to your projects to explore the possibilities. Then send them back to me with your best time for a free consultation.

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