The Core of Your Branding

Design plays a powerful role in business and organizations.

It gives life and meaning to your mission and drives perceptions of your value. Because perceptions are tied to emotion, they have a lot of influence on decisions about products and services. Proactively managing your audience’s perceptions will have a significant impact on your success. Brands must create positive feelings about an organization’s value and mission. Your logo is the visual key to accomplishing this.

Fundamentally, a logo is a tool. It represents your organization in many settings, and helps drive favorable audience perceptions. It is the cornerstone of all of your organization’s marketing and communications.

Getting Started:

Your responses to these questions will guide the design process and help us provide you with a logo that supports your mission goals and your marketing objectives. Please be as clear as possible. (“I don’t know” is a valid answer.) The answers to these questions will help develop the proposal and the Creative Brief.

(If you have not received a reply after submmitting the worksheet within 24 hours, please email me directly at laurel@nulllaurelblack.com.)

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