Time for a Logo Update? (Part 2)

Logo updatePreviously we looked at how year’s end is a good time to assess your organization’s logo to make sure it’s doing its job: visually showing what your organization is about and what its value is.

As the cornerstone of your marketing and communications, your visual identity is often the first point at which prospects connect with your organization. How well it’s executed and supports your mission has a huge effect on whether they will explore your organization further.

So it’s crucial to check that your logo is doing its job in the way that best meets your current needs.

Here are three examples of logos I created for clients who were either looking for an upgrade or wanted an entirely new logo that reflected their evolved positioning and purpose.

Port of Port Angeles: When the Port’s Board of Commissioners decided that the Port’s logo was in need of an update, they asked LBCD to create a refreshed identity that Old/New Logos Port of Port Angelesmore clearly aligned with the value that the Port provides to the region. The assignment was to build on the concepts of the old logo, rather than develop a completely new design. The new logo pays homage to the historic strengths of the Port while portraying its true position as a 21st century regional leader in industry and economic development.

Forks Chamber of Commerce: The town of Forks, WA and the West End of the Olympic Peninsula have become known globally as a highly desirable destination for visitors. Whether they are looking for a true wilderness experience or are avid Old/New logo image for The ForksTwilight fans, thousands flock to Forks annually. The Forks Chamber of Commerce is the first point of entry for many, whether exploring destinations online or pulling into the parking lot of the Chamber’s information center on their first day in town. The Chamber asked LBCD to create a new logo that would reflect the professionalism of the organization and still convey a sense of the special qualities of the area and its true persona.

old/new logo image for Meyer accountingMeyer & Company Certified Public Accountants: Meyer & Company is a full service CPA firm based in Sequim, Washington. It offers a broad array of financial services and has grown significantly in the last several years. Senior management decided it was time for the firm to have a visual identity that accurately reflected the professionalism and stature it has built over the years. LBCD worked with them to define their organization’s persona according to their mission: helping clients achieve their goals by assisting them in creating a financial roadmap to success. The resulting logo fully supports their intention to continue strategic growth into new markets.

I hope this conveys a sense of how a thoughtfully created identity can favorably establish an organization in its market. It can especially makes a difference for smaller enterprises who have to compete on the same playing field as larger competitors, as all three of these entities must. So take a look at your logo and see how it strikes you. I offer a free 30-minute consultation if you need help in assessing its usefulness – please contact me in your favorite way and let’s talk!


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