Branding: Perception is Everything


Perception is everything.

Every business has a brand, whether it’s created intentionally or is just a random by-product of your market’s assumptions. Proactively creativing your brand allows you to gain control of how your brand is perceived.
And that is the key to whether your market decides to buy.

How is your worth perceived?

Your success depends on how well your value is perceived by your market. I can help you create the messages that spell out your brand’s value. I’ll make sure your brand comes alive across a spectrum of media using the right marketing tools grounded in strategic planning, creative excellence and technical know-how.

Take a look at these brand stories:

Port of Port Angeles updated logo by Laurel Black Design


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*In 2020, ORI merged with isol8 Limited, a UK-based oil and gas technology company located in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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