The Top Marketing Must-Have:
A Clear Message

Do your prospects understand what you do?

Why? Because confused people don’t buy, and in during times of uncertain economies, scared people don’t take chances. You can’t assume that if your message is clear to you, it will in turn be clear to your customers.

People don’t read minds or between the lines, especially when they’re more nervous than usual about parting with their money. Their tendency is to play it safe and be really literal, so your customers need to be told clearly what’s in it for them from their point of view.

And your message has to be delivered in a user-friendly way. An illegible store sign, a web site with confusing navigation, a display ad with tons of tiny type too small to read – these things are all too common and destroy the ability of the sign, ad or website to communicate. If your message is not clear, your market will be confused, and (again) confused people don’t buy.

As the economy and your competition continue to evolve, being clear will become even more crucial as everyone jockeys for market share and adjusts to new playing fields.

Your marketing materials deliver your messages when you aren’t on hand to explain what your business has to offer and why it’s valuable to your market. If the messages are confusing, unprofessional or inconsistent, people will assume that your business is too, since they will have nothing else on which to base a judgment.

So here’s my message (and I hope it’s crystal clear):

Explain the advantage to your customers from their point of view. Make this message consistent throughout out all your marketing.

Do all you can to ensure that the message sent is the message received. Your market will thank you!

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