Help! My Logo/Website/Brochure Doesn’t Work

My marketing materials don't work.I often get calls from organizations who already have a logo and/or marketing materials, but have become dissatisfied with them.

The reasons can range from the specific (they’ve evolved into a different market or client base; what worked for them as a start-up doesn’t work for them as an established business) to the vague (“I just don’t like it anymore – it’s too amateurish/cliché-ish/old-fashioned”, etc.)

These are all valid reasons to change how you present your organization to the world. To do so effectively, you will need two things: 1) a sense of what advantage(s) you want the change to bring, and 2) a clear understanding of the function of each piece you want to upgrade. Here are some definitions:

Logos: Fundamentally, a logo is a tool. Its job is to represent your organization in many settings and drive favorable audience perceptions. It gives life and meaning to your mission and drives perceptions of your value. It is the cornerstone of all of your organization’s marketing and communications.

Websites: Your online presence is the front door to your organization. It is where first impressions really count, especially when you have at most seven seconds (literally!) to make your case before the visitor clicks away. It should reflect all that’s outstanding about your organization in a readable, succinct way and be easy to navigate. The first rule of websites: don’t annoy your visitor.

Brochures: A key piece of your print collateral, your brochure should be the expression of all that’s outstanding about your organization. Printed materials convey your services and their benefits, and provide an overall sense of your organization’s value. They can reach an audience that online materials might miss – there’s a reason why Google uses direct mail.

When you understand what you should expect from a successful upgrade of any of your marketing materials and the advantages of making the change, you will be in a much better position to give direction to the creative professional who can help you. (That would be me :-).)

Please take a look at this case study for a before and after example. If you feel that now’s the time, contact me and let’s talk.

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