P.S. One More Thing About Unconscious Assumptions

Unconscious AssumptionsHere’s a quick postscript to last month’s newsletter about how unconscious assumptions drive people’s decisions to buy or not to buy.

Some of the most common assumptions are about price.

As few years ago I read a story in the Marketing Mentor newsletter about a fellow designer’s experience with price assumptions and how she dealt with it.

While talking with a client about a project, they got to the topic of cost. The designer quoted an amount, and the client immediately declared that it was too much. Instead of getting defensive, the designer asked, “Compared to what?” The client looked confused and then blurted out, “Compared to my daughter’s piano lessons!”

Clearly the client had made an unconscious assumption of what the price should be, apparently based on (wait for it): WISHFUL THINKING.

And that is one of the most common sources of unconscious assumptions. Uncovering it will give you the opportunity to explain the relationship between the value of what you can do for the client and the price you quote. You’re welcome. :-).

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